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You Found Your Own Buyer(Seller). Now What Do You Do? We Can Help You With The Paperwork!


Congratulations on getting the offer negotiated with the buyer/seller! However, first off we need to get the offer written into a legally binding contract. We can help you with this! We will sit down with you and the buyer/seller to write and explain the Real Estate Sales Agreement as well as open escrow for you.

What we do to Help You Sell:

  • We sit down with you to fill out all the necessary paperwork recommended by the State of Oregon. A licensed Realtor will be handling the construction of the Real Estate Sale Agreement so that you will leave with a legal and binding written contract.
  • We handle the earnest money deposit.
  • We open an escrow account for you at the company of your choosing.
  • We transfer all the documents to Title & Escrow.
  • We will go over your Real Estate Sale Agreement in detail, making sure that your are aware of your individual responsibilities.

If the home is purchased with a loan, it is important that there is a written contract that is recognized by the lender. Once everyone is committed to making an offer, it is important to have a legal and binding contract in place as soon as possible. Having someone experienced with Real Estate rules and regulations construct the purchase agreement will help you have a successful and timely closing.

You don’t have to be listed through Help-U-Sell. We can help ALL For Sale By Owners & Buyers. And please note, if at ANY time, you would like to hire us to represent you, we are happy to assist charging you only a set fee!

Sellers: As a for sale by owner, it is your responsibility to ask questions of your buyers that will assist you in determining their motivation level. A buyer’s motivation level will tell you if they are serious about buying a home now, and if they are serious about buying your home!

Buyers: As a buyer of a by owner property, it is important that you get as much information about the property as possible. We recommend that you have a home inspection and obtain seller's property disclosures. 

For a free list of questions you should ask, 

call us at 541-461-6100 or fill out the contact form. 

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